Monday, March 14, 2005

News From St. Lukes

Thank you for your prayers and support. As you have most likely heard, dad's surgery went really well and we were moved into a room on the 10th floor on Sunday afternoon. 1 of his 2 chest tubes has been removed and he is no longer on nose oxygen. His catheter has also been removed which is added comfort for him. We moved mom into his room; there is a chair that folds into a single bed for her. That allows mom to be much more at ease, being able to be near him as much as needed/wanted.

A new concern that requires your prayers came up early this morning. Dad has an elevated heart rate. At resting it was 120 and while walking up the hall it reached 140. This was cause for concern by nurses. The doctors were called and a blood thickener was given to dad. We have been told this is not a big concern, but it is not normal either so ask that you bring this before God.

Donielle is leaving today to go back to California. Shar and I are also leaving for Temple this afternoon. I will be returning Wednesday afternoon or Thursday for a visit. Please continue to keep dad in your prayers. You are saints for being so diligent in this matter. More details about the whole weekend and some extra info on people we came in contact with when I return to Temple.

God bless you all.


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J-Wild said...

Praise God....We will keep praying.