Monday, July 04, 2005

Family Trip

We have had a busy 2 weeks. These past weeks will be the topics I will blog on for the next few days. We had family at the house from June 25 through June 30. This is not a complaint, just a fact. The details will make it sound more interesting. My parents were here from California - they were able to stay at a friend of ours house who was out of town. We have such a small home and with Anna and Blake we just have no room. My sister and her family were also here from California during those days. That is my older sister, her husband who happens to be one of my oldest and best friends, and their 4 boys. Where did they stay?.... In a RV out on my curb. (there is a great line from Christmas Vacation that I want to type but just can't) As white trash as this family trip now sounds, it really wasn't. It was real convenient actually for my sis to dress the boys on the way to church, or for the whole group, all 12 of us to pile in the RV and go to dinner. Not very "cool" but we were all together.

It takes effort for our family to get together. My sis has 2 boys under 3 and we have 2 kids under 2. Travel is difficult and expensive and hard on young kids. We know that and that is why we appreciate the efforts that were made. My parents have not traveled since my dad's last surgery. This was his first trip back to Texas and his first time to see Anna. Dad looks great, but he is still really uncomfortable. This has not been easy for them, but very worth while. Their trip to Texas was a cluster and to crazy to explain. Short story is this - San Diego to New Jersey, New Jersey to Dallas, Dallas to Temple all inside 24 hours. This is typical Don Bundy trip.

Families change over the years. We grow up and grow apart. That to me is normal and healthy and natural. Our lives change and new relationships form. But we are still family. That will never change. My sister still knows how to push my buttons and my dad still tells me how to drive. We get on each others nerves, but we are forever bound together by the fact that we are family. The new members (Kenny and Sharla) are a part of this family also, even though sometimes they think we are nuts, spouses included. It is really amazing to be away from each other for so long and then reunite and it feel like it was just yesterday that we were all together.

I've got a great family. Not perfect, but really great. I am thankful for their efforts in coming to see me and my family in Texas. Mom, Dad, Donielle, Kenny and the boys - Shar and I and the kids really love you. Thanks for the trip.

Here is the short list of what we did.
Early morning skiing with Kenny and Brian White at Lake Belton.
Family day at SummerFun Water Park in Belton.
Family day at the lake where Donielle's two oldest boys both got up on ski's, and mom at age 60 still ski's like college girl.
Fresh burgers and home made ice cream at my in-laws house.
Great new friendship between Blake and his cousin Eliot.
Eliot swallowed a penny.
A bunch of other stuff that you really don't care about.

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Anonymous said...

I love you too, Byron. By the way, your nephew Elliot has 2 l's in his name. Does my bringing this fact up push one of your buttons?? Glad we are family, I think I love you more and more each year. Donielle