Sunday, October 09, 2005


Don't get to excited - we are not moving, yet. But why do people move? What causes people to move from one spot to the next? We have some friends who will be moving soon and I asked them what it was like to "pick" a new place to live? Crazy was the answer.

What is going to be so different about the next place that makes us move from the current? Shar and I have talked about moving before, but question the idea because of the unknown. Will the next job be better than this one. Will the next church be healthy and strong? Will we make friends in the next town? If we moved to this town we would work, go to church and live a similar life to the one we live now. So why move? The unknown is scary.

Why are you in your current place? What causes you to pick?


Amy said...

I hear Searcy is a good place. I guess I can let you know for sure in about 9-10 months from now. Seriously, our decision to move was a hard one, especially like we talked about last night not having somewhere we just had to go. We have grown to love this town and of course our Church Family. These past few years have brought us close to you all and we will love and miss you when that time comes. Until then, I will continue to try to keep you on your toes and keep you guessing what I might do or say next!

Jana said...

Nashville is an even BETTER place!!! ;)