Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hear Something?

There has always been a "situation" when putting Blake to sleep. Tonight we stayed outside late and played baseball in the backyard before shower time. As Shar is getting Blake's p.j.'s on he is asking if he can watch a movie. Shar tells him no and that he played baseball late tonight and now it was time for bed. Blake showed his disapproval by demanding that he get to watch a movie. I and sitting on his bed and I jump in with the "be nice and talk sweet" line. Blake looking straight at him mother puts his hands over his ears and asks, "do you hear something?". My 2 - nearly 3 year old has more personality than I can handle right now. As Shar and I laugh at Blake he jumps to his mom and then ushers me out of the room and says good night. Fun times here at the Bundy house.

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