Tuesday, August 22, 2006

3 Years Old

This is my 3 year old boy. I just can't believe that Blake is growing up so fast. We had a really great party for him at the baseball field at Belton High School. Served hot dogs, nachos and popcorn and had lemonade from the Gatorade jugs. The kids played baseball on the infield and had a great time. Shar made this cool cake that had a baseball field on the front with a baseball on top flying off the cake. Shar puts on the best parties for our kids.

Happy Birthday son. Mom and I love you so much and it has been our joy to watch you grow into a little boy. May God keep you safe and in His hands as you grow. We are so blessed with you as our son and look forward to the joy you will be in the years to come. You are our favorite boy. We love you.

Dad and Mom

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Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Blake! What a cute, cute boy! Such a precious face! God bless him and his parents!