Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29, 2007

Sunday, and church today. It is tough going from a smaller church home, where you know almost everyone and everyone knows you, and your kids and various details of your life, to a large new church were you are looking for any connection to anyone who might know you from years gone by.

We visited Richland Hills Church of Christ this morning. This is not the first time we have been there. In fact we have visited there several times but today was the first time we were looking at the church as a possible place to worship and raise our children. The welcome center was great and the children's ministry help desk was wonderful and when we were taking Blake to his class we happened across an old friend of Shar's from college who married a guy we both knew and he was in the class that we were headed toward, and she also helped get Anna Jo settled into her class and she was very friendly and helpful. But it was a real bummer being a visitor. I hated it. I hated not having people to talk to and not feeling comfortable with Blake taking off and running the isles looking for old people to give him hugs and candy. It was an uncomfortable feeling. Church was great, worship was strong, message was powerful, visiting was a bummer.

We've moved, and that is a fact. We love our new house and the neighborhood and the community pool, and I am really excited about my job and the upcoming season, and all the extras that come from living in the Ft. Worth area, but being new and uninvolved and unconnected at church is an awful feeling.

Shar cried in June of 2000 when we accepted the job at Belton and made plans to move to Temple. She never thought she would live there again and she did not know what she was going to do. She cried today after talking to her mom, not because we left Temple or her parents, but because we are in a new place and it is tough. Now don't worry or get sad for us. This is such a little thing in the grand scheme and Shar is tough and strong and she can handle far more that I can and after a month or six all will be fine, but for now, today, we miss being in a comfortable place.

Blake's prayers have been very interesting these days. He is praying for things he remembers from Temple life, and even though his time table is off, his thoughts are pure and genuine. Today at lunch he prayed for the regulars (mimi, paw, nana, grandon,......) but then added Shar's remaining living grandparents pawpaw, memaw, Aunt Pauli, and granny. This is the first time he has prayed for them. At dinner tonight he got really creative and prayed for "Ms. Waltina and Mr. Allen who lives up in heaven, Mrs. Jo (McKinney), Big John (Bowen) and thank you for Mr Rex's party that we got to go to" (the party for Rex Senior that was over a year ago?). Don't feel left out if Blake didn't mention you in this prayer. He talks about his friends, young and old very often. In fact, that is another major concern of Shar's and why this move is so emotional. Shar is constantly thinking about how this is impacting the kids. She wants to make sure that they can benefit from church and friendships in a similar manner to what they were receiving in Temple. We can't replace it but it is important to make sure they are compatible with the decision we make in regards to church.

Anyway, this is more than most of you will read. I start work tomorrow, officially and will be busy from now until November (playoffs!!). God bless you all and we willingly accept your prayers on our new lives here in Keller.

Finally, today is my dad's birthday. He is older than he wants to be, but still in great health. I miss him and my mom very much, and I cherish the time we have together. Happy Birthday Dad. We love you and look forward to seeing you soon. Have fun getting old, you only do it once. Byron.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you folks are moved in and ready to go. Barbara and I certainly know what you are going through. You describe it well, Byron. After 31 years in the same town and church it was really difficult to make the transition. However, after a year it is getting a little easier. Getting connected at church sure helps a lot. And we didn't have little children--just an old dog. Keep posting to your blog. It is good to hear from you via your writings. God bless you, Sharla and those precious children as you continue your adventure through life.

James P.

Sarah said...

No doubt, it is TOUGH to drag little guys to churches to "check them out". Our kids were wonderful troopers most of the time when we got here to Abilene -- but the day my always happy-go-lucky child cried being left in Sunday school I didn't think my heart would ever recover.

It really is harder on the parents than the kids. You and Sharla are their world right now. Sure, strange surroundings are difficult, but as long as they are sure and secure in YOU, they're okay. As parents, we just spend LOTS of energy wondering and worrying and grieving the "used-to-be" that the kids won't remember very well.

They will make new friends -- and very quickly. For us, it has been the hardest to find those inter-generational relationships. We, also, moved away from a set of grandparents -- and haven't yet found a good "surrogate" set out here. Those are the relationships to seek out and get in your kids' lives. And it will come.

Sorry to make this so long -- I just remember very well. As sure as we were that this is where God would have us, getting here was a tough and lonely time. Thanks for letting us know what to pray for.