Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Weekend!

Well, my parents came and stayed a weekend with us at our new home in Keller. Mom and Dad went ahead and bought Blake and Anna a trampoline, which my dad and I put together in a bout 10 minutes without any problems or directions. Two Bundys working together is really an unstoppable team.

We went to the Rain Forest Cafe at the Grapevine Mills Mall for lunch on Saturday and had a great time. Blake and Anna loved the giant tree frog and we had a great desert called the volcano. Very Good.

We always have to have at least one meal at Spring Creek Barbeque while in the DFW area. It is normally a meeting ground for the whole extended family get together meal, but this time it was just us. Dad, Blake and I were all wearing blue and Blake thought that was really cool.

Keller has this really cool water park/pool, called the Keller Point. It has 3 water slide and cool play things for the kids and a lazy river. We spent one day there and tried to stay away from the 101 degree Texas heat. Below are Blake working on his long distance jump and Anna working her smile.

It was good to be with my parents again. Thanks mom and dad for making the effort to get here on short notice, before my practices started and making the trip special for all of us. We love you very much.


mdlg said...

I'm glad y'all had a good time. When's dinner? I can drive 20 minutes for good cooking! Or we could go to Babe's - y'all really need to try that restaurant.

Lane said...

The trampoline needs a safety net.

Kyle said...

Well, I don't know if you read this but Bundy, you need to go to and read my tagged post. You are tagged my friend.