Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sing,,,, Sing A Song.....

I drive a bus. Not everyday but as often as I can. Games, school trips, and other events for the school. On Friday I took Mrs. King and the Keller Choir on their recruiting trip to the local feeder schools. Great day, great kids and amazing voices. The day caused me to think about some stuff.

As Mrs. King and I were eating the fine food of Double Dave's Pizza, she began to ask about my singing and if I would be interested in being involved in her fall adult choir show. She really thinks it would be great if the kids saw coaches singing. I decline and use my football responsibilities to not commit at this time since the concert takes place around week 7.

But the part of the day that caused me to think was watching these young men and women sing and thinking back to the days of Western Hills and my short lived endeavor of leading worship. I remember feeling so confident and able and I acted as if I knew what I was doing, but now I realize how out of place I really was. In Mrs. Kings choir there are many future praise team and worship leading singers and they are awesome. I do not have the ability to even hold their music much less sing with them, but my epiphany came when I thought back on the massive amount of talent that I was privileged to sing with in Temple.

Jim and Syree are musical masters that could read, sing and write anything they desired. Their gifts and knowledge were unmatched. Todd and Mike are professional musicians in my opinion and can lead with authority because they understand music. Lorean Glover is a mighty Alto/Tenor and could sing both at one time, or so it seemed. LeGay sang with elegance and her heart made the music that much better. Sharisa and Jenna have pure beauty leave their mouth every time they sing. The are amazing. Julie and Randy are modest and prefer to stay out of the spotlight, but have musical talent share. Richard is the bass of the basement and is unlimited in his depth.

When I think back on how arrogantly I entered that room every Wednesday night, I become embarrassed and can only imagine what those trained singers and musicians thought of that pompous coach. Good thing we were at church and grace abounded. Watching Mrs. King direct her choir and hearing those kids sing gives me a greater appreciation for what we had in Temple and what I was lucky enough to be involved with. Only now do I fully understand how much I must have irritated the talent I was with. My sincere apologies to all of you. It was my honor to be able to sing with you for those years.