Wednesday, March 16, 2005


We have had a set back. Dad's heart rate was not improving and it should have been by day 5 post op. Tuesday night they put dad back into ICU and made plans to perform a procedure on Wednesday afternoon. After several EKG's, an MRI and CAT Scan on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning they determined that dad has fluid building up on his heart. This is like his heart is sitting inside of a tight balloon. The procedure was a surgery that took place today from 12 noon to 3 p.m Texas time. The doctors put a "window" in the paracardium (sp) which is the sack around dad's heart that is holding too much fluid. I am in Temple right now, so all of my news is second hand from mom or Donielle. I will be heading to Houston tonight or early tomorrow morning. We beg you to continue to pray for dad. His spirits are low. It is as if he jumped over a canyon to survive the first surgery only to stub his toe with this new set back.

Side Note: Shar is pregnant for those of you we do not converse with often. We are due in early May. Let me say God Bless America ,she looks so great!!!

Bye for now; more to come later.



Debbie said...

Oh Byron, we understand set backs! Bless you all! We are praying hard for you all. Rest in that. Love you!

chris b said...

Prayers are flyin!!! Thanks for the updates and know that you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you!