Friday, March 11, 2005

Bullet Proof - Don Bundy?

The time in Temple was really great for the whole family. Good for mom and dad to get away from Houston and be with Blake and see Shar pregnant. Good family time. But the reality was that we had to go back to Houston. We left Thursday afternoon around 4 p.m.

The Ride back was really good: conversation was light, several phone calls from friends and family. While mom was talking to someone, I asked dad if he was scared. He calmly said yes, with a very somber tone. I then asked him if this was the scariest thing he had ever done. From my standpoint surgery is much more safe than war. Don R. Bundy left for Vietnam in the fall of 1968. To me that would be much more intense, because war..... war is war. His response was typical dad. He said "I was scared to go to war, but at that time in my life I thought I was bullet proof." What does that mean? Who thinks there bullet proof? He then explained that as the years have gone on he has become less and less "bullet proof". I thought I was the only one who knew he was unstoppable. I believed it. Did he? It seems at one time he did, but now he knew that life was more of a gift and less of a right.

We were together as a family all morning. Jeff from Western Hills was here to support and love. The day was very enjoyable and peaceful and optimistic, until the reality came that we had to go; that surgery was going to take place. We prayed together and Jeff prayed over us and then went down stairs. As we waited in pre-op for the doctors to come it became real. This was a goodbye time. This was the point were dad went one way and we went the other. It was like he was getting on the plane in 1968, but instead of a young corp-man dressed in green fatigues carrying a M-16, he is a 60 year old man, tired and scared. He is a dad, grandfather, husband and feeling very not-bullet proof. How do you convince him that it will be o.k.? What do you say? We hugged, we cried, and as he tries to avoid my eyes I hold his face and look through him and I remind he that he is bullet proof. But is he? God, I pray he is.

Remember us in your prayers. Surgery takes place as I type. Updates will come as often as possible. Mom has seen the operating nurse and she gave a good initial update. 3 to 5 house to go. I will look for other computers to use this weekend. Pray for Sharla, Blake, Ron and Diana as they travel tomorrow to see be with us. I met my newest nephew last night. Brooks Don Winter. Good looking boy.


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J-Wild said...! That is one of the more moving posts I have ever read on any blog. Thank you for sharing you are all in our prayers.