Saturday, March 26, 2005

I've Got Nothing

I've got nothing of any importance to share with you. I feel drained from the past few weeks, and my "blog" seems dull. The big news for Belton, USA is that we got a new Super Wal-Mart. So exciting. Shar and I had to go there today to pick up some items for the Becker Easter Egg Hunt. This Wal-Mart is nice and huge and really clean. But the inevitable happened. Some one reminded me of where I live. Some one told me again that I live in small town USA. As we were checking out I looked back to see a large Budweiser display, with cases of beer surrounding a life size plastic horse. It was a nice display for beer, but then it happened. A woman, in what seemed to be her mid 40's stood next to the display while her friend pulled out the disposable camera and took 2, yes 2 pictures of her. I was amazed. I was speechless. Why in the heck are people taking pictures next to the fake horse in the local Wal-Mrt? Why isn't that illegal? Does crazy, stupid stuff like that happen where you live?


James P. said...

Now where was that horse? I have a few shots left on this last roll of film. I've been looking for a place to snap a couple of pictures of the wife. Wal-Mart--it just don't get no better than that! What a great country! God bless your sweet Mom and Dad as they return home. It has been a tough couple of weeks. You are a great son and one fine Christian man. Blessings on you, Sharla, Blake and the soon to be. James P.

J-Wild said...

Dude, you need to get out NOW! I know you left out the fact that you observed this while Blake was sitting on a $.25 mechanical pony that says "Hi Ho Silver, Away!" But you don't have to disclose everything to make it apparent that you are in too deep.

Be honest with us, were you wearing an undershirt, cutoffs, flip-flops, and carrying a "Focus on the Family" koozie? Dude, you are from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA what are you doing? You take your family to the new Super Walmart and you describe it as "huge, NICE, and really clean".

Bro, you need to do some serious soul searching, atleast come up to NYC to shake some of that off a little! Glad to hear about your dad, and I am so pumped about your opcoming posts :)