Wednesday, March 02, 2005


This is a big deal for me. The whole idea of tossing my thoughts and ideas and feelings out there is odd and uncomfortable. I am not sure how to get other people to read my stuff, not that it is good, but what the heck am I doing this for if I am the only one to read it?

As Shar wrestles Blake into bedtime using games and books and counseling methods, I am sitting here contemplating all the crap that takes place in this life and how caught up in it I am. I often think about trading places with Blake and going back to an easier life of playing, eating, pooping and sleeping. How free he is. How happy he is. How worried I am that I will be responsible for explaining to him the value of life, the importance of faith, the reason we live. I am lost myself...What am I going to tell him?

Since I don't have an answer, I will call myself what they call me at the fieldhouse:"Rookie". That is what I feel like. Clueless about what is going to happen next. Parenthood was a really cool idea. Now it is a very intimidating reality.

Sharla has taped Alias and she is pressing play.



Jana said...

Great first entry, Byron. Very insightful.

Sarah said...

Parenthood is also an excellent opportunity to learn how our Father can possibly love us when we are totally self-centered and/or having a tantrum. It makes me love Him more every day -- and that is the main thing I want to pass on to my children. Love Him first, let your kids see that, and the rest will fall into place. (Of course, dis-credit all of this in the next 10-15 years when I am the mother of a drug addict and ax murderer! :-)
I think so much of your sweet family -- and will be praying fervently for all of you in this time of uncertainty.

J-Wild said...

First of all you are selling yourself way short. You have great thoughts and opionions on a whole host of things. I am glad you are in the blog game because I can't wait to read the stuff you put up. If you want a lot of readers, all you have to do is say something dumb or something that pisses people off enough that they link it to every e-mail they send out. Let me give you some blog topics that might get you a lot of readers:

1. "Mother-Hood Vs. Father-Hood: Who Has the Real Homefield Advantage?"
2. "Gay Marriage - One Coaches Perspective"
3. "Tales From a Jr. High Locker-Room"
4. "Why the Football Team I Coach Sucks"
5. "Why I Only Had One Girlfriend - Ever!" (come to think of it that's going to be a hard one to explain to Blake a blog might be a good practice run)
6. "Why I Didn't Live at the Tent"
8. "Why Texas is Better than San Diego?"
9. "Why I Never Put My Friends On Team One Anything In College"
10. "Why Playing Catch With Your Daughter Can't Compare With Playing Catch With Your Son"
11. "Here Are My Man Crushes"

I think any of these would garantee you a large readership. I know that the "holy crap I am really a parent" day is coming. Right now all he can do is crawl around and chew on power cords. I do know that you are and will be a great father.