Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Welcome to Texas

I drove to Houston this afternoon to pick my parents up and bring them to Temple for Wednesday night and Thursday. We will have to return to Houston Thursday afternoon to prepare for surgery Friday morning.

Doctor appointments went very well today for Dad. The blood work this morning and a chest ex-ray before lunch were both smooth. They were able to visit with the head nurse to be introduced to Friday's procedure. After lunch they had a meeting with Dr. Coselli who gave them the details of the surgery. Dad checks into the hospital at 5:30 a.m on Friday morning. Surgery should begin around 7:30 to 8.

This guy Coselli is really amazing. He spends his life working on the heart and major arteries of people and it is so common to him. The way he talks about the procedure is how a mechanic would explain a brake job. It is so common and everyday to him that it bothers me and impresses me. He shows no signs of worry or concern about his end of the job. There are always some things that could go wrong, but nothing he feels he can't fix. It is amazing that this guy is so confident, but equally amazing that he knows nothing compared to God. That is the difference: Coselli understands the body but God knows it. He made it. It is His. I feel much more secure in that then in Dr. Coselli's skill, even though I am thankful for his skill, and trust them.

Concerns for Friday are still very serious. Repair of the aneurysm is the first job. Cutting it open, removing the fatty buildup and grafting a replacement made of synthetic material. Second will be repairing or replacing the valve on top of the heart. There is a slight leak there and Coselli thinks he can repair it, but the possibility exists of replacing it. Third, there is a concern of stroke during the surgery and in recovery. Again, Coselli is not too worried about this since Dad's heart is so strong for a 60 year old man, but it is a concern. These are some specifics we are asking you to be praying about. Always remember Dad and Mom and their ability to lean on God and handle the stress and pressure as surgery draws near.

Please check in often to get updates on Dad's surgery and recovery. We love you all.

Byron, Sharla and Blake.


Anonymous said...

Praying the prayers for he and thee, brother Bundy. Be safe in traveling! Best wishes to you guys from one of the guys with the song, er, WORSHIP leader microphone (you know, the one that has all the trouble turning the switch to ON, the one who only can only spell "Jim" with difficulty) - PEACE

ed said...

Coach, we're praying! I think one of the "miracles" I am enjoying in all of this is to hear your words of faithfulness. From goofy, single college guy to responsible, loving husband/father/son is a joy to me. Your dad and mom did good by you...Blessings.

Scott & Sandy said...

We have been praying daily and will continue to do so. We have lots of prayer time during the commute to and from Austin which gives a lot of time to visit with God about your family.

Thanks for giving us the chance to lift you guys in prayer.

Larry and Linda Day said...

Larry/Linda D.
Just to let you know that we care about you Don and Betty. Our constant
prayers are with you. Be deligent and
steadfast in your recooperation. Know that God is with you and your church brothers and sisters are with you. A healthy recovery and God bless you Don and Betty. Always in our prayers.