Sunday, April 10, 2005


Blake & Ball
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READY, SET, GO!!! This is Blake's favorite thing to say, besides "NO!". Ready, Set, Go is the theme of our life right now at the Bundy house. Baby #2 is a few days/weeks away. Spring Football starts the last week in April. House is not ready for a new baby. Blake is unaware of the drastic changes coming to his little world, but.... Ready, Set, Go! Seasoned parents and all wise people. We would like your advice or stories of transition from a one child to a two child family. What do we do? Something cool I just figured out. You can look at pics of our family if you click on the highlighted sharla below the pic. of Blake. I am really starting to love technology


Kim said...

When Chelsea was born we lived in a house that had a big deck off the back with about a three or four meter drop off the back of the deck to the yard. Brandi seemed to be happy to have Chelsea in our family and welcomed her home with hugs and kisses. Later, MiMi, Lynn's mom, was holding Chelsea and Brandi was sitting with her and said, "MiMi, I think we should throw her off the deck." MiMi calmly replied that we probably wouldn't want to do that and that was the end of that. ( until they became teenagers!! ) Enjoy your family. They are grown before you know it.

Sarah said...

It was after Riley was born that I realized -- one makes YOU a parent, but two makes all of you a family. I also learned -- he will never have the "only child" privileges that Ashley had having us to herself for almost 2 years. However, he had the "baby child" privilege of hanging out with Mom when he was 3 and 4 and big sis was already in school. Those were precious times! Just as you can never fully prepare first-time parents for the impact a baby will have, you certainly can't expect a toddler to know ahead of time. All too soon, Blake will never remember life without baby!

erica said...

when you figure it out let me know!