Tuesday, May 31, 2005


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This is my baby girl Anna Jo with my big sister Donielle, also known as "Auntielle". Donielle came out Saturday afternoon and stayed 4 days with us. This is her tradition - to come see the new baby as soon as possible. She brought with her Brooks, her 4 month old son - her 4th son! Strange enough this is a vacation to her - getting away from her Testosterone charged house and dressing Anna up in as much pink as possible. It has been great having Donielle here. We have both made the effort over the years to travel back and forth to see each others new kids. It's been wild watching the family grow - especially her's. I've got a great sister, who is a wonderful mom, wife and friend. It has been fun to grow closer to her as we have both grown older. The stories I could share about what she used to do to me would cause CPS to contact our parents, but she has always been a loving sister. I am happy that Shar and her are such good friends. Those of you that know both of them know that they are both strong women - that is good most of the time. God was wise in putting me with them. Thanks Donielle for the trip to see the first girl of the grandbabies. Blake, Anna, Shar and I love you very much.


Jana said...

Whoa, Auntielle's hair is long! Isn't it a blessing having a sibling you can call a friend?

Cousin Liz said...

Hey Cuz I have enjoyed reading your blog and watching for the new pictures. Looking forward to seeing your whole family at the end of the month. I can't wait to meet Anna Jo.