Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Summer Time

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It seems that I blog more during the school year then I do during the summer. Why is that? I should have more time now but I do not. We are busy around the Bundy house. 2 kids is more than we thought. It is amazing how little we are actually getting done. I have created several projects for myself - 1. The Bronco is running again. Shar is so happy to have a 3rd vehicle at the house, and this one only gets 8 miles per gallon. 2. The boat is broken, but I am in the process of fixing it. We have family and friends visiting this Summer that want to ski, and the group that I ski with after church on Sunday nights is waiting on me. I got the final parts today so maybe by the end of this week it will be ready. Tree trimming, chores around the house and yard work also are taking up a lot of my time. Shar is just as busy and it seems that we sleep less and less with each week that passes. It seems that my whole life is a "have to!" Oh well, it is Summer time and seeing how happy Blake is with a melted pop cycle all over his face makes other things seem really insignificant. I hope you are enjoying Summer where ever you are.


Sarah said...

Just this afternoon I thanked God for a life that allows me to sit around the pool with friends while my children are BROILING in the pool (we didn't do too well with the sunscreen application today). I, too, have a list a mile long of things that should be gotten done while the kids are home from school and our schedule isn't so hectic. But I seem to let it go really easily while I sit around the pool!

Jana said...

All those other things ARE insignificant compared to that precious wife and those sweet children of yours. Forget the projects...the boat can wait, the treetrimming can wait...the children won't wait.

Scott F said...

I disagree with Jana. I'm moving away soon so I really need you to get that boat fixed before I miss my chance! HA!

Lane said...

Who is Jana and what is she thinking??? "boat can wait???" It's 101 here in Texas!

I picked up our boat(tanker!) last weekend and we're ready to go!

Jana said...

Scott and Lane -- whoever THEY are -- are making me laugh. Fortunately, it's not 101 here in TN. I've been out on the lake on the Coach's I understand where you're coming from. ;)

Scott F said...

Jana -- It is a VERY small world! I am your former ACU Inter-G Group letter from Welcome Week! :)

We share a mutual friend in the good Bundy family. They are the best! And Byron is OK too, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Coach Bundy!
This is Michaela. Remember me? Ha! How could you forget me? I liked your entry on summer...I know how you feel and I know my parents definately do too. Blake is getting more and more adorable and so is Anna. I wanted to let you know that I check your blog from time to time while I'm at work. When I'm trying to think of something to do it's usually "Hm I'll check coach Bundy's blog" I like to keep updated on the Hays family also. I heard a song that I have heard a million times before, but yesterday when I heard it I thought of the Hays and had to keep back tears. Maybe you have heard it...I think it's called He's My Son. By Mark Shultz. If you've heard then you'd know why I had to fight back tears. But anyway I just wanted to say hi, and just so you know I really do miss your class. It was so nice to have a teacher that looked at the big picture of our lives and didn't worry so much about cramming as much information in our heads as they could in 50 minutes. I am so glad that you really care about your students and care about where they end up in life rather than how much knowledge they retained from your class. (Don't get me wrong I know that you definately wanted us to learn of the reality of war and not just the hollywood version we see on tv.) But I just wanted to say thank you. I will always remember my World History Teacher...and all I can do is pray that my kids will have a teacher like you when they start school. God definately wanted me to have your class when I did...I think He messed up my schedule not the office lol. Anyway I hope that the Lord blesses your summer with your family. Now get your boat fixed and take them all out on it!! Have a good day!!