Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Spring Football

Spring Football is the option that 4a and 5a schools get, to have up to 18 workouts in 30 calendar days. If you do Spring Ball then you forfeit half of your 2-a-day workouts in August.

Spring Ball is difficult, because you are not working toward an immediate goal. There is no game Friday, there is not pep rally, no opponent, no scheme, no nothing. You are just teaching and learning what will be used 4 to 5 months from now.

Why work on something that your not going to use right away? Why spend all this time and energy and effort to get better at something and then walk away without putting it to use? As a coach I understand the process of Spring Ball, but the kids don't. They don't see the big picture. They are not looking 4 months down the road; their just ready for summer to be here. But I know that we are building a foundation so when we start up again in the fall there will be a good base to build on.

I sometimes feel like a kid in Spring Ball. I don't see the big picture in life. I don't understand why God is having us do all this "stuff". I don't understand how the trial's of today will be used in the building of tomorrow. I can't see that the "work" we do now is going to be used in the future. I am like a kid in Spring Ball, going through the motions without thinking about how I will use the things I'm being taught.

I want to have the ability to look into the future and trust that God is preparing me for it. I don't have to know what is there; I just need to be reminded that God has a plan for all this "stuff". I want to have the faith to work hard now, knowing that God has a plan for me next fall, or whenever. And I want to remember what he teaches me. The reality is that I'm like the kids. I don't think about how I will use what I'm taught now, in the future. I'm just waiting for summer to get here.


Dad said...

You may find this hard to believe but when you were "a kid" growing up your mom and I taught on a daily basis and what we see taking place now is beyond what we ever hoped for. God is in charge for sure. Dad

Carl said...

I was thinking the same thing your dad posted before I even saw it...your mom and dad used those teachable moments just as you are now providing those to your kids and your students. Summer is not that far off...

Anonymous said...

Coach Bundy,
Although I am not in the spring football training, I can understand what you say the players think about it!! I find it very encouraging to be able to read a teachers blog thing and hear about what Christ is doing for them in there life, and also just to know we have great Christian teachers in our schools showing us the way. While reading some of your entries it made me think abut things I hadn't really thought of!! Wasn't your original plan to become a youth minister?? If not, i'm getting you mixed up with another teacher (sry!) but you would have made a great youth minister! Yes, you make a great history teacher as well! You can apply things like football training to our spiritual lives and other examples and stories i've read in your previous entries. Well anyways just wanted to say thank you for being a cool guy and Christian example at school, we need more teachers like you! Hope you and the fam. are doing great and you get some sleep!!!
Ashley C (#1) from 2nd period!