Thursday, July 21, 2005

Going, Going, Gone!!!

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What am I talking about you ask? I am talking about the fact that we just sold the boat. The 17 foot, 1986, 170 hp Four Winns boat. Gone!!!

We bought the boat from Paula Ford and her husband Bill in Abilene in 1999. Bill was a pilot for UPS and Paula was the librarian at Mann Middle School where I was in my first year of coaching. Sharla learned to drive, dock, trailer and ski with that boat. My sister's two oldest boys both learned to ski on that boat. My parents at the age of 60 still skied on that boat. Brandon Young and I created an interesting tube ride with that boat.

Weekend trips with the Youngs before we had kids. Early morning trips with Lane Smith and Brian White. Sunday night quick trips after church with Lane Smith and Ryan Koch. Every time my family came out from California we lived on that boat.

We sold it to a great couple from Austin. They have young kids and will get a lot of use out of it. They were the 3rd group to look at the boat and could not understand why the others had turned it down. It is fun selling something to people who appreciate the work you have put into your boat.

So now it is gone. I no longer have a boat. I am without water transportation. If it flooded here we would be standing on top of the roof with life jackets on but no boat. I'm happy and sad. I really enjoyed the boat, but the babies are changing our life style. Blake loved to sit in the boat and drive around the lake, but with Anna here now it was just too much. That is the bottom line. In the future we will have another boat, but for now, we have one less toy in the driveway. By the way, does anyone want to buy a '74 Bronco?


Donielle said...

You failed to mention that your beautiful sister gracefully learned to slalom ski --while five weeks pregnant (give or take a few days)-- behind that boat. And who could ever forget your nephew Peyton ummm, let's just leave it at "parts per million".

Love you guys and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

NO!.....James P.

Carl said...

i know a 6 year old in austin that would like the bronco:-)...for some reason he thinks you are cool. hope to see y'all next week.

Jana said...

Aww, sad. Bundy Boat gone bye-bye. But hopefully, for the time being, this will be one less material possession that you have to think about.

J-Wild said...

I can see bigger, faster, and better things in your don't sweat it too much. I feel the most sorry for Blake. I will never forgett seeing him ride in the co-captain chair while you drove. Priceless.

mdlg said...

I am sad to learn that the boat is gone. I learned how to ski behind that boat (swallowing half of Lake Belton in the process). Put in a pool...that'll make up for the boat being gone.

tonyb said...

I'm not coming to visit anymore.

B. Young said...

Goodbye 4Winns - you will be greatly missed. Thanks for the memories - especially those times we had to drag you out of the water.

Bundys - thank you for all the trips to the lake, and countless gallons of gas. And Byron, for all of those special tube rides - there's a place tucked deep away where I'll keep those forever.

Amy Koch said...

Are you sure those trips to the lake with Ryan Koch were AFTER church? Just checking! I'm glad that I got to ride in the Bundy Boat before it was sold. Thanks for the stroll around Lake Belton at your birthday party - oh, and for rescuing my hat!