Sunday, November 05, 2006

Game, Set, Match....

The above title will only matter to me and two other guys when I read this post again in 20 years. After we (Tidwell, Kruger, Bundy) finish breaking down film on Saturdays Coach T. ends the morning with the saying, "game, set, match, it's been real, it's been fun, see you boys later".

Football season is officially over for the Belton Tigers of '06. I am not proud to announce that we went 0-10 although the record in itself is interesting.

1, we have a great group of boys that play football for us and I have really enjoyed coaching them. Some of the kids that we coach are really some of the best I have every been around. It is really enjoyable to shake a dads hand and tell him how great his son is. I hope a coach says that to me someday.

2, we were unable to compete with the teams in our district.

3, some parents in the stands realize that and some do not. It is amazing how bad of a coach we become when we are in a losing season, and then how great of a coach we become when we are in a winning season. Do coaches change or do players change?

4, at the same time, football is a team sport, coaches and players included and there were most definitely some coaching errors this year, as there are every year, that possibly could have changed the outcome of a few games. No one is perfect.

At any rate, football season is over. This was my first Saturday and Sunday home since the second week in August and it was nice to be with the family for a full weekend.

Belton is a special place to work and coach and live. It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it is a good place to be.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with my 3 readers in the near future.


James said...

Good to have you back for a while! Winning is a lot more fun than losing. However there are life leasons to be learned when one loses. The good thing about life is that more often than not we get second chances. There will be another season and an opportunity to learn how to win! Enjoy your wonderful family. Blessings on you Sharla and all. We miss you!


J-Wild said...

Despite loosing I know that you loved and treated those kids with respect. That will go further than a win any day.

Having a 0-10 season also sets you up for a perfect record and state title next year, just like in the movies (cue training montage, big music, and inspirational speech). That's how it works right?

Debbie said...

I'm honored to be the "3rd" person on your comments! I have a feeling that there are a few more out there though!

Sorry about your football season's record, but what blessed guys to have coaches who care about more than the record.

Welcome back to your life! Love you and your family!

mdlg said...

Sorry about the season record. How many Marios did you have on your team? Oh wait a minute, those were the guys over in the band. I know that you influenced many lives over the past months. You will never know how much of an influence you are. I'm glad that you get to spend more time with your family now. Give them all hugs for me.

tonyb said...

Wow, you guys must stink. How are you going to instill a winning attitude in the kids when you can't win a game. This world was made for winners, not losers.

Hey I've been there to though. You'll get them next year. Or maybe not. Maybe I should come down there and cheer you up and Shar can make some chocolate chip cookies. Just like old times.