Sunday, March 04, 2007

1st Prayer

Teaching Blake and Anna to pray is a very daunting task to me. I am unsure exactly how to explain it and I want Blake and soon Anna to understand that what we pray for and what God offers to us as an answer can be two different things.

Blake said his first public prayer tonight at our small group. It was following the kids devo time and it was cool to listen to him. He thanked God for the family and for the food and for Mr. Kyle being strong (object lesson). I was proud of him for wanting to pray and for not thinking about the people listening to him.

Blake sees me lead worship, and watches me lead Bible study and watches me coach and copies a lot of the things I do. He sings really loud, like me. I hope he is able to ignore the things that I do that are wrong and only copy the good things. It awakens me to realize that he sees more than I think he does.

It is almost time for me to pass along some Don Bundy wisdom, but Blake is still a bit young so I will wait a few more years.

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