Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Update Part 2

Well, we had a great weekend in Abilene at Homecoming. Shar was in the Coming Home Court and was asked to be present at the parade, where she and the kids got to participate in while riding in luxury in the back of a 1914 Model T Ford. Blake got to sit up front and Anna Jo sat with Shar and the current Homecoming Court nominee. It was a beautiful morning in Abilene and the parade was a blast. Chapel followed the parade and this is where I got to escort Shar to the front. They said her name and the current Kojies screamed and yelled and waved a big sign that said "we love you Sharla." It was a great chapel service lead by the Sing Song group from 1992 which included Brandon S. Thomas of The ZOE Group. We got to sit by our good friends the Millers who get to worship at the church that Brandon serves at in Nashville . It was a very special chapel time for us. After chapel we had a big lunch at Joe Allen's BBQ. Mario went ahead and saved seats and we met up with him there. I had the steak, because you never know when it might be the last time you eat a Joe Allen's and the steak is really good. In the future I will order it "well done" because the "medium" was still a bit red for me.

After lunch (Bundy, De la Garza, Braken, Qualls, Gilliland, Crowell, Ramsey, Sloan, Pruitt, Pendland and Smetana) we went to the football game. Shar was to be announced there also and then they would crown the new HC Queen. The game was good against WTAM and I got to see J. Ferguson who played football for me at Belton. I also ran into a few coaches from my first year a AHS and caught up with them. The half time show was fun and Shar enjoyed the memories, but after it was over she was ready to go.

We rested for a few hours at the hotel, and then went to our class dinner that evening. It was really good to see all the people from our college days. We missed several who could not make it but the crowd was large and the evening was full of old stories about how cool we used to be, and how some of these people have really gone down hill. Sorry, it happens.

The Gil's and us went to Cypress Street for dessert afterwards and then it was back to the hotel to try and get the kids to sleep. Sunday morning I got up and drove back to Keller for film while Shar and her parents went to church and lunch. It was an exhausting weekend for everyone in the Bundy and Smetana family, but it was well worth it. My AD let me miss Saturday film, which was very kind of him. It is uncommon to skip a Saturday during this time of year, but he was very understanding that this weekend was important to Shar and our family and I am grateful for his generosity.

I had some pics to show you all, but blogger is beating me up right now and I have an early morning tomorrow so they will have to wait. Have a great day.

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