Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fish, Sex and Camping . . . . . . ?

Great title line isn't it?  How many of you are curious how those 3 things will come together?, or how many of you have an idea of how those things could come together?

Either way, here we go.

Blake caught his first real fish.  We have caught blue gill before, one Spring Break in Sulphur Springs with Aunt Sharon and her parents, but it was on a cane poll and we were feeding the fish and then catching them.  This first real fish was with bait, at a little tank in the front of our subdivision and the cork went under.  Very exciting for Blake to real in the 8 inch sunfish.  It was really good memory for him.

Richland Hills Church does some really great things.  This past weekend there was a speaker at church on Sunday morning that was there to talk to anyone interested in how kids these days are influenced and bombarded by the idea of sexuality.    The speaker was a woman from Lubbock Christian University named Dr. Beth Robinson and she was very impressive.  The facts that she presented were overwhelming on how early and how often children are exposed to sexual advertisement.  4 to 5 times per hour is the average among 5 to 9 year old kids.  Her message was "healthy and frequent communication with children about how sexuality was created by God and should be honored as a gift from God."  "If you are not talking to your kids about sex, then someone else is."  If you are concerned about your communication with your children about sexuality or purity then I encourage you to look at Dr. Robinson's literature.

Blake and I went camping this weekend.  It was father child camping trip with the guys that we are in care group with.  We went out to Lake Mineral Wells and had a great time.  Brandon, who was in charge of the food did an amazing job of cooking chicken fajitas for dinner and fresh donuts for breakfast.  We went fishing off the bank and Blake caught the only fish,  a little channel cat fish that we gladly let back in the water.  Blake loved his tent and new sleeping bag and did a great job of getting dirty, playing with the fire and running the batteries on the flashlight all the way down.  Great time this weekend with my son and I hope to do this many more times with him.

There is a movie about to be produced on the new Imac.  Subject and title will be disclosed at a later time, but be watching.  

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Anonymous said...

What a great picture! Way to go Blake! Thanks, Byron, for the neat commentary! The family picture is great, too! Love, Mimi