Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happenings of Interest

A very good friend of ours in Temple just had surgery to remove cancer spots on his lungs. Healthy, 36 year old husband and father of 3 and fighting cancer.  He is winning and continues to be faithful in God.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated on his behalf.  

One of the coaches at school and his wife just had their second child, a healthy little girl.  As we were listening to his story the natural occurrence to place where we all shared our stories of the big day and how our kids entered this world.  It is a wonderful reminder of how great and mighty our God is when you discuss and listen to the story of children entering this world and the awe that it creates in all of us.  

My parents just got back from a cruise in Alaska.  I can't wait until I can take trips to Alaska in September.  Right now the only trip I get to make is to the field house and back to my house.  I spend too much time at one of those and not enough time at the other.  Guess which one.

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