Saturday, November 01, 2008

6 & 3

We lost tonight.  This is now two weeks in a row where we have not played very well and lost, bad.  This has been a rough couple of weeks, but tonight after the game, when all the kids had left the locker room we had our coaches meeting and Coach A. said to "get over it."  That is an odd statement coming from a head coach that has lost 2 in a row and not had a very good showing at either game, but I liked hearing that.  He went on to say that "the offense is going to score and the defense is going to stop them and that we need to convince our kids of that, and that if you don't believe it can be done then turn your keys in."  Some brief personal encouragement about the staff and what he thinks of us, and then he said "start smiling because the Indians are going to win next week and go to the playoffs."  

I hated getting fired in Belton, but I am very grateful for the job God has provided for us here in Keller.  It is not perfect, but it is really really good.

Shar was on her own again tonight, again.  Halloween by yourself is not what I want her to have to do.  She really is a great coaches wife, and the kids were more excited about getting to the game then they were about trick or treating.  I asked Blake if he had fun trick or treating and he said "dad, it was great but we had to hurry because the game was tonight and I have to run through the sign."  Anna just wants to see Stephanie (a cheerleader for the team) and Batoba (a corner of mine).  

By the way, Blake was Luke "Sky Walker" and Anna was "Ariel" from Little Mermaid.  

I have a great family.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the loss, you'll get 'em next week.

It's so cute how you put "names" in "quotes" just like "mom".

Gotta love "big sisters".