Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why # 3

How does a President, and a Congress supportive of his party, push an 870 billion dollar stimulus bill through Congress, and then that same President speak to the nation about not leaving a debt to our children and their children that they will be unable to pay?????  

And the comment about "the debt that we inherited" really makes me stir.  

Politics will always be the same.  It is a popularity contest at best.  

I am still grateful for the process.

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J-Wild said...

What resonated with me was, "We are going to have to make some painful choices, and cut worthy programs. ALL of us are going to have to cut things we like Democrats, Republicans, and myself."

Why did of statement of fact regarding inherited debt bother you?

America has waged two wars for six years AND cut taxes (plus increase medicaid but we won't get into that). And that created debt. Just like the government spending money to capitalize banks and fund teachers, cops, and stimulate growth will cause debt. We can argue whether the wars were a good use of funds, or whether tax cuts helped or hurt the economy, or if the stimulus will work. But it's all debt and spending. Big deal.

I actually thought the politics from last night were completely different. When was the last time you saw a President take questions from members of congress in an open forum with the first question going to a former rival during the Presidential election. Obama did this the day before.

Cantor organized every GOP house member to boycott the stimulus, but Obama and he had a friendly rapport and Obama jokingly said, "Someday Cantor's going to say I had a good idea, just watch."

And then last night the air in the room came off to me as very positive and upbeat. Republican's cheered for the President almost as much as Dems did. Did you notice when Obama said to pay down the debt Pelosi didn't stand up (neither did the Dem caucus) but the GOP did. The room was so supportive they didn't get quiet for him to begin for five minutes. That was an amazing display of grace and humility by the members of congress. And Obama didn't bash the GOP last night either. Even though he certainly could have.

I definitely see a new tone. People are still ideologically true to themselves which is fine. But the tone and tenor has changed dramatically in my opinion.