Monday, June 01, 2009

What's Been Happening???

That is the question out there, since blogging has taken a back seat to life in general, and that is really a good thing, so I've decided to let you in on the happenings of the Bundy Family and provide you with the shot version of our happenings.

I've been to both the Byron Nelson and the Colonial in the past 10 days.  These are two traditional and very historical golf tournaments in the DFW area, and I love golf.  The great thing is that I have some friends that are really great and they have connections to get into the "red carpet" area of these tournaments.  Both tournaments we got to enjoy the catered lunches in the private areas were only those with special badges could go.  The tournament alone is great, but the high cotton version is so much better.  It was a blast.  Blake got to go to the Colonial and he had a great time. The problem will be that he is going to expect that for future tournaments.  

Thank you Michael and Dave for treating me to these events.  

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tonyb said...

fyi, I got to be the standard barer for Vijay Singh on the first day of the tournament. He through a ball at me. It was great.