Friday, February 05, 2010

Diet and Health

I want to be healthy. I want to work out and be stronger and more fit. But that takes effort and desire and I am lacking both. Shar on the other hand has always been health conscious and has made an active effort over these past 13 years to be fit, healthy, in shape and so on. I on the other hand am still counting on my faster than normal metabolism.

Here is my diet for the day.

6:15 - 2 sausage biscuits from Mc Donald's.
11:30 - a home made chocolate chip cookie that I took from Tyler Park. His mom makes great cookies.
11:35 - large cup of sweet tea. Very sweet.
11:45 - bowl of Chunky Soup.
5:00 - turkey and cheese sandwich on the way to the soccer game. Package of cheese and crackers, smaller serving of chips, small tootsie roll.
7:50 - Double Cheese burger from Mc Donald's (team mom gets them for us after away games), Gatorade and a small brownie
11:30 - Chips and salsa from Chilies.

Do I care? No.

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Anonymous said...

Son, That is far worse than my diet. Mickey D's is not good for you, causes anuryisms.