Saturday, March 19, 2005

Better and Better and Better

Dad is getting better. Heart rate while walking on Saturday afternoon was 112. This is as low as his active heart rate has been in 5 days. Chest tube came out last night and the only thing still sticking in him is an IV port on his left arm.

He got to take his first shower today, washed is hair and shaved. Dad is kind of a neat freak so this act of cleaning himself made him feel so good. His appetite has improved and overall the recovery, finally is going well. Dr. Coselli says the heart rate will slowly come back down to normal. Prayers are still requested for the complete healing of his heart and for strength to return. God bless you all that pray for us.

I would like to share some wisdom with you all. It is not my wisdom but the valuable insight of a professor I had in college. John T. Willis
is an Old Testament scholar at A.C.U. He also taught the young married class that Shar and I were apart of at Highland. It would be a benefit and encouragement to all if you would take a moment to read his thoughts. This is the best wisdom I can offer you at this time.

God Bless you all,

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