Monday, March 21, 2005

Details slow us down

Don Bundy is not a details man. We never had a plan for our family vacations. If you asked what time we would be leaving, he would say "we will leave when we get the van packed." We never knew where we would stop on our family drives across the country. "We will stop when I get tired of driving." Sometimes that was 8 p.m. and sometimes it was 3 a.m. Don is not a details man.

So when the doctors told him that more fluid was forming on his heart it set him back a good bit. Fluid on the heart is a detail to my dad. Fixing an aneurysm on the aorta and repairing a valve on the heart is why we came to Houston. We should have gone home by now. But these details keep us locked up. Patience is growing then, walls are looking dull, food is tasting really bad. Tired of nurses, doctors, ex-rays, medications, vital signs being checked. TIRED OF DETAILS!!!

So here are the latest details. Fluid forming on the heart, but not clear fluid that will drain. This fluid is thicker, like the white of an egg. The fact that is has some color and consistency too it is not a good thing. Cardiologists are now in charge and working on what to do next. We know what to do next. Please continue to pray for my dad. He needs to be reminded that God is in control of the big picture and the smallest detail, even the ones dad does not like.



Debbie said...

Dear Byron, My heart is so heavy for your burden right now. I am going to be praying for your dad and his drs all day and will continue until further report from you that he is past this "bump in the road" or this "detail".

Acts 2:25-28 is a great encouragement to me and if you need can read it typed out on my BLOG.

Love you, praying for you,

Syree said...

We love you, Byron, and never forget that you and your entire family are in our prayers. May God grant you a measure of peace and encouragement today.