Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I'll Be Back!

That is what I tell the people here at St. Luke's every time I leave. If you ever need directions to Houston I can give them to you. I know the road very well.

To save some time I will get right to business. Dad is still here. There is a "mass" of fluid in his pericardium. This "mass" has some blood in it and other chunky things that keep it from draining out of the window. The surgeons could have removed it when they put the window in, but from the angle they were working they could not see it. So here we are.

The cardiologist and the Dr. Coselli's team want dad to stay until Friday. We have an EKG on Thrusday morning to look at the fluid again and see if it has changed. The body, with help from modern science should slowly break the substance down, but they want to monitor dad for a few more days to make sure it is not growing.

Everyone except dad is happy with not decision. Dad is ready to go home. We do not want to go home without being fully fixed, or near to it. Pray that this substance will disappear. That patience will be abundant and that our desires will be God's desires. We have been so blessed, more than we even know about. God continues to be good to us all.

Shar is alone again, with Blake the wonder child. She needs strength and encouragement. I think I was home more during Football season than I have been lately. She is so understanding and giving. I'm lucky.

by from Houston, again.

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