Friday, March 18, 2005

Read Here, Please

How boring it must be, for you out there in blogworld to read about nothing. It was easier for me to write when my emotions were flowing, when fear was sitting next to me, when doubt was alive and uncertainty was growing. When we did not know what was going to happen. Now what do I tell you?

"Recovery Sucks" is what dad says. That is how he feels. But recovery is a blessing because it means prayers have been answered and progress is being made. When you have gone through heart surgery, ICU and all the other things we've experienced here, recovery is great. We love recovery. But I will wait to explain that to dad. Since he is the one with the holes in is chest I will let him be for now, but I'm glad we are recovering.

No News is good news. Resting heart rate is still up but slowly coming down. Around 110 for the high and upper 90's for the low. Dad has started walking around his floor of the hospital with the help of a walker. 4 1/2 laps since this morning. That is the most he has done in 7 days. I walked with him on his last lap. He commented that this is what Papa (his dad that past away in October) must have felt like. He then reminded himself that Papa was 92. Watching people think about life is interesting. Maybe I can get dad to start a blog? Maybe monkeys will fly?

We still ask for your prayers for physical and emotional healing. Being cut into is hard on the body and mind. While you pray please remember Joshua, or friend from ICU.

Thank you to Tim and Jenny Winter who live in downtown Houston. They have been able to help and serve and let me crash at their apartment. Tim is a great friend from California and he married way up. Jenny is a saint.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife Sharla. She is so patient with me during normal life, not to mention times like these. This is not how we planned on spending her birthday, but she adjusts so perfectly. I also married way up, along with the rest of "Old School".

God bless you all.


Elvi (from Escondido) said...

Dear Byron,
We are so blessed and thankful that you take the time to inform us about your dad's health. We continue to pray for both your mom and your dad during this difficult time of recovery. We love them very much and are anxious to have them back here with us.
Please keep writing.
In His Love,

Katie said...

Hi Byron,

My mom told me about your blog. We're praying for you, your dad, and your family.

Peace, Katie Riggs

Ed Allred said...

Thanks for this good news, Byron. I hope to meet your dad someday...ICB, Ed

Debbie said...

Byron, I totally relate with your feelings about BLOGing once things have settled down into that "recovery" state. In fact, it was good for me to hear that you feel that way, too. But, being on the other side of this fence and wanting to know how your dad is doing even in recovery.....I guess I'll go BLOG tonight about how things are going now that we're home. BORING! But, I you know, after the past few weeks....boring is good! Love you all!

chris b said...

hey man...we are praying. thanks for the updates. we can't wait to see you guys and catch up. tell your dad that there are still golf courses to hack up and things to do. love you guys!!!

Jana said...

Go Don. Get your groove on. Go Don. Get your groove on. So glad to hear the dad is improving. And your wife IS wonderful.