Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Easter

My mom used to say that, instead of Happy Easter, because of the whole bunny theme. I thought it was so lame as a kid, but now it seems kinda funny.

It has been a long time since I bored you with my rants and blabbers concerning the variety of topics that fly through my mind. I would like to say that my break from the blog was based on a deep personal and spiritual note, but it was mainly out of laziness.

So many things have happened since Sharla's birthday, but to go back and explain the mundane would be futile (big words for a coach), so I will go on toward the future and not look back even though some cool things have happened these past few weeks.

My parents have been here since last Monday. This is my mom's Spring Break and it has been a really great week being with my parents again. Blake and Anna Jo have been swarmed with love and candy and stories and fun for a full week. It is really great to watch them bond with my mom and dad.

Easter service was really great this morning. I really enjoy worship and church on days like today. Here are a few things that I noticed this morning. Evelyn and Sherry are two really active worshipers. They sit in different parts of the building but they share the same spirit. Their faces show the emotions of their hearts as they lift praises to our God. Lane sits very still and listens on the songs when just the ladies sing. It is like angles speaking to God. He just enjoys the soft sweet sound. John and F.A. are the happiest old people I have ever known. They are a wonderful example of contentment in this life as they anticipate the next life. I told James and Eileen that they couldn't hold hands in church. He said he had been doing that for 50 years and he wasn't going to stop today. Eileen just laughed, and held on. Church is a funny place. We all come together and share a moment of closeness with God. I really like that funny place we call church. But the people, the people I love. The people make church so great.

I hope your day was a blessing to you and that you were a blessing to others.

Hoppy Easter.


Sarah said...

Aren't grandparents for our children such a blessing?

Thanks for the peek into the Sunday morning worshippers @ WHCC. It made me smile -- all of those people have blessed my soul.

Tori said...

You are right the people make the church and Western Hills definitely has the people. It has been such a joy to be able to join you guys every Sunday for worship. You really make the song service uplifting and a true time of praise. I appreciate so much your time in doing that!