Saturday, May 06, 2006


There is a new tradition at the Bundy house. Blake this past week started not wanting to take baths, but instead take a shower with daddy. If you are a father of a boy, then think back to those early days of fatherhood when you were teaching your son how to take a shower. Blake loves to stand there and let the water run over his face. He thinks it is great to lay down in the tub and let the "waterfall" hit him from the shower head. But his favorite is at the end of our shower. I pick Blake up, hold him up by the shower head and he gets a mouth full of water, and then spits it on me. I return the favor and we do this for the next few minutes. He thinks it is so great to spit water on me. Blake can't wait to take another shower.


Scott F said...

Well, Bundy, I think I've had the urge to spit on you once or twice before too, but if I have to get in the shower with you to do it, then no thanks! :)

Seriously, I can just hear Blake's laugh. Fun story.

Anonymous said...

oh the images! my eyes, my eyes!