Wednesday, February 07, 2007

North East

Shar and I went to the North East last weekend. It was a fast trip, but we just love being up there and seeing that part of the country and how life is so very different and at the same time so very similar to our lives here in Texas.

We flew into N.Y. JFK Airport on Thursday night. We can't go to the N.E. without visiting N.Y. City and our dear friends the Isbells who live in upper Manhattan or South Harlem? Jason picked us up at the airport and then dropped us off at a subway station. We love riding the subway in the belly of that great city. We went to ground zero and saw the sight and the construction that is taking place. Very odd feeling to be there, walking around where death had taken place. We then traveled up to Canal Street to see what was going on and them made our way to Times Square, which is a wild and cool place to be at night. From there we traveled up to 78th street to meet Jason and Allison at a Pan Asian place called Ruby Foo's. Great oriental food for a guy who doesn't like oriental food. Total time in N.Y. City was 19 hours, but it is so worth it to be with great friends and see a few sites.

We rented a car in the city and then drove 5 hours throughout the countryside to Littelton, New Hampshire. Great little town that sits about 70 miles from the Canadian border. Beautiful country up there.

Rehearsal and dinner on Friday night where Shar and I sat with two of the coolest people in the world. Burton and Jackie are the maternal grandparents of Jessica, the bride of Kyle which is why we went to the North East in the first place. We were placed at a table for four with this elderly couple, and we were a bit disappointed at first, but we quickly learned that we had hit the jackpot. They are the perfect couple, married 52 years and only living away from N.H. for a brief time in up state N.Y. Jackie taught school for 15 years and then was the accountant for a saw mill for 22 years. Burton was one of the most interesting men I have ever met, and I cannot begin to tell you all the cool stuff that has happened in his life. Shar and I loved the evening and looked forward to the wedding the next day and to also seeing Burton and Jackie again.

The wedding was great and the event went off without any problems. Jess looked great and Kyle did not act nervous. The reception took place in the ballroom of the inn we were staying at and it was wonderful, except for the dancing. Turns out, Shar and I are really bad at dancing, which is something we are going to practice before the next wedding we attend. Besides my dancing the reception was really great.

What was best about this trip was that this was the first time Shar and I had left both kids. Ron and Diana and Aunt Sharon tag teamed and raised our kids for 4 days. Much thanks to Aunt Sharon for saving us when Mimi got sick. It is wonderful to have such great family here. Shar and I had a great time with no kids. We stayed out late and slept in and shopped in the bitter cold weather, and did what ever we wanted to do. I love my kids, but the break was very nice.

But we are home now and reality has hit us square in the face. Kids, house, work, jobs, and the rest of life that keeps you so busy. Life is so good, but New Hampshire without kids for a few days was just perfect

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Amy said...

Glad you had a good time. You did however, miss some very important people that came to Temple. Hope to catch you next time.
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