Thursday, September 13, 2007

J.V. Nights

Coaching for a living is really a lot of fun. Thursday nights are J.V. nights and for these guys it is the biggest night of the week. Tonight we played cross town rival Fossil Ridge, and had a great game. Down 21 to 0 at half (I call the defense) we came back and with 1 min. left on the clock the defense forced a turnover and went in to score and win 27 to 21. The guys were going wild and could hardly control their emotions.

We watched the game in the field house after the players were out of the locker room. Looked at good plays and mistakes and we will show the kids the film in the morning. I left the house this morning at 7:05 and got home tonight at 10:50. That is just how game nights are. Now I am going to have a large bowl of Coco Crispy's for dinner and go to bed. Big game tomorrow against Fossil. I'll let you know how it goes.

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