Sunday, February 10, 2008


We had a football clinic this past weekend in College Station. It is called the Lone Star Football Clinic and is a really good gathering of college coaches and top ranking high school coaches. The lectures were good and then I took another beating at "Texas Holdem", but that is just going to happen.

The highlight of the trip was Saturday afternoon when all the coaches were invited to go to the Bright Athletic Complex at Texas A&M. It is their field house and it is just a beautiful and well set up building. The main hall with all the honored players and team captains and profession football players from the program over the years was really impressive. The new indoor facilities that were halfway completed were amazing, with 2 full size, indoor, turf, football fields.

The locker room was also very impressive, and professionally done. Giant open wood stained lockers with each players name and hometown on the upper ledge so you could know where these young men were from. Lunch was served in the Athletic Lounge of the players which is on the second floor over looking Kyle Field.

I really was impressed with the whole facility and I have to say that this gives me a new appreciation and general positive feeling about Texas A&M.

The best part of the 3 hours that we were there was when I got to meet the new Head Football Coach, Mike Sherman. And as I stood there shaking his hand, I could not help but smile with joy, just as I did while walking the looker room, weight room, and new practice facilities. The joy I had did not come from anything that A&M did, and again I was very impressed with all that they had to offer both coaches and kids. The JOY that I had came from the fact that I did all of the above mentioned while wearing my BURNT ORANGE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS POLO!!!!!



Anonymous said...

There you stood on "holy ground" and near the namesake of our coming son, Kyle, and yet you wore a shirt that bore the sign of the devil...I must say that Matt and I are a bit disappointed in you. Seriously, that facility is a sight to behold from the outside. it seems that ever time we make a quick day trip they are adding something new to the campus.
How awesome that you were able to see it on the inside as well. Matt is definately jealous!
Take care!
Whoop and Gig 'em!
Matt and Heather

Anonymous said...

you're my hero! Hook' em

Anonymous said...

Thats my son. Never listened real hard but always made an effort to get it right the first time, maybe the 2nd or 3rd. You may look better in Maroon than you do in Orange.

J-Wild said...

Great to hear that A&M's exploitation of their college football players helps them pay for nice digs! Of course those boys do get an education so it all equals out in the end.


Scott F said...

Hook 'em horns! I LOVE it!!

jch said...

I, at one time, respected you, Byron. No more. Not any longer. ;)

Gig 'em!

Anonymous said...

Hey, did a blog search on "Richland Hills Church" and yours was one of the blogs that came up.

Anyways, My wife & I have been attending for a little while now & we love it!

Well, take care.

Anonymous said...

Hey Byron,
Just so you know, Carl did reply... He's the one who wrote "You're my hero! Hook'em" As for me, way to go Byron! GO HORNS!

Allie B. said...

You better be glad Mike Sherman doesn't know the ropes yet...old Coach Fran wouldn't have let you come into Bright with that ugly color on :) but I guess since we have beaten t.u. 2 years in a row he probably just felt a little sorry for you...but how dare you come to College Station without letting me know. I used to work for the football team in the Bright complex and I could have met you up there. Anyways I hope all is well, take care and tell your family I said hello!

Anonymous said...

I thought you went to ACU, shouldn't you have been wearing purple?

Anonymous said...

Man I wish I would have known you were in College station!! It's the greatest place to be!! haha EVEN if you are wearing some weird ugly colored shirt. Just kidding I love you and I'm glad you had a great weekend! Glad you can look at A&M a little better now, hopefully haha. Love you and miss you!
Thanks and Gig 'em!
Erin McCune

Anonymous said...

I AM SOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! I proudly wear my horns in Arkansas . . and believe me I get a lot of crap. GO BYRON AND GO HORNS! Only Byron!
Love ya!
Amy Koch

Chelsea said...

I realize that I did not go to the University of Texas, so I usually take some sort of beating for mentioning that I favor them, but I loved your story. It made me smile. My only defense is that I was forced to be a wildcat. Go Horns!