Sunday, February 03, 2008

Men's Retreat

Great weekend this past Friday and Saturday at the RHCofC Mens Retreat held in Denton. It was really wonderful and encouraging to be there.

Chris Seidman was the key speaker with one set of break out sessions for smaller class discussions. The Theme for the weekend was "The Blind Side" and it focused on the fact that men, and christians need someone protecting their "blind side".

The first session dealt with the "blind side" analogy of the left tackle in professional football. Seidman said that the left tackle is the second highest paid position in football because most QB's are right handed and therefore the left tackle is the responsible for protection on the side that is not seen by the QB. The point was having someone there in your life to watch out for the area that is most dangerous.

The second session was about men's desire for positive feedback, or assurance or "blessings" is what we do. He spoke of the blessing that God gives man in Ch. 1 of Gen. and also God's blessing of Jesus in Mark 1 as he comes out of the river. Chris asked the question, "are we living to receive the blessing or are we living out of the blessing?" Everything that we do if for some sort of praise, or response or affirmation and Chris made the point that we have everything we need in Christ and since we do, we no longer need the affirmation of the world because we have the affirmation of God.

The third and final session was from John 5 with the Pool of Bethesada story. "Could Jesus have asked a more rude question to the man then, "do you want to get well?"" is the way Chris began this session. Why would Jesus ask that? Chris began to then talk about "institutionalization" and the fact that we get used to our surroundings. Short version is that if we struggle with a particular sin, then I need to find others who have conquered that sin to keep me accountable, or watch my "Blind Side". If I only count on those who share my particular sin, we will most likely not overcome because we all sit in the same mud together. The man at the pool was surrounded by sick, had always been sick and knew nothing else than being sick. The wild part is that when Jesus asked the man if he wanted to get well the man did not say YES. He gave excusses for why he was not already well. His side point to this was "that the submormal had become normal." The sick man understood how to be sick. We get comfortable with the life, faith, worship, marriage that we have and do search for ways to make it better. Don't let faith of now become the highpoint, but rather the ground from which to grow from.

I also attended a class by a guy named Ken Green. Powerful Black preacher who shared his story and the Word in a very special way. He talked for an hour out of 1 Kings 22:41 and following. Read that and try to come up with an hour long lesson.

I am very thankful that I went to the retreat. I entered a 3 on 3 basketball tournament that reminded me that I not very good at basketball and that I'm not 23 but instead 32.

I have to mention one sad fact. I had to use my sister Donielle this weekend to remind Chris Seidman who I was. After the last session I went up and introduced myself and thanked Chris for his words. He smiled and said "thankyou brother". I felt that was not enough since I had been with Chris while he was at A.C.U. and I was a highschool student visiting my sister. I was forced to say "my name is byron bundy, my sister is DONIELLE BUNDY, who married KENNY WINTER." A huge smile came across his face and Chris wanted to know how MY SISTER was doing and all that crap (stuff). I swallowed my pride as being the B.M.O.C. and gave my sister her due.
Donielle, Chris said hi.

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Chelsea said...

Byron Bundy! I enjoy reading your blog. It sure does make me miss your family though. Speaking of your family, I really need the new address in Keller. Is there anyway you could email it to me at: Thank you!!! Tell the family I said hi :)

Chelsea Becker