Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy Busy Busy.....

I do not have the time I need, or want to do all the things I need or want to do.  Does anyone else out there feel that same way?  I'll have a thought and say, "man I need to blog that pointless information so people can read it." but I run out of time and that is life.

The short story:

Anna is now officially a big girl.  She got her big girl bed and she loves it.  It is the bed that Shar grew up in, and has been painted a total of 6 times now.  Here is the pic of her room and her new/old big girl bed.  

Problems:  The bed is bigger than Blake's bed so we had to explain it as a girl bed and boy bed.  For some reason that made him happy that he was not in a girl bed, but in Dalton's old bed.  Anna is just barely tall enough to step up on the side rail, but can't seem to wiggle her butt up on the bed.  Funny just to watch her fight it out.

Blake and Anna had their end of the year program at Y.C.W. in early May.  It was more of a production than a program, and both did great.  Shar has been teaching there and helped in directing her kids during the song portion.  Really am thankful for Y.C.W., and the kids being in school there and Shar getting to work there also.  It is a great blessing for our family.

Spring football has started at Keller High and that means longer hours at the field house and fewer hours at the house.  I would just like to inform you again of the fact that Shar really is a great football coaches wife and I am lucky to have her.  She is ready for summer and a lighter schedule for our family, but her attitude is great and her energy is limitless.  I love you Shar.

Big Blake and Vance are getting married.  Big Blake is the boy that we named our Blake after.  I coached him for 5 years in Belton and we formed a really great friendship.  It helped that he dated the prettiest girl in school and a varsity cheer leader named Kelly.  Kelly was the first person outside of family that we trusted to watch our kids, and she has always loved little Blake and Anna Jo so well.  Big Blake was the best we had a Belton, as a kid, student, athlete and person.  He really was just a great example of what a young man can be, and Kelly was his equal.  After playing baseball at T.C. he earned a scholarship to U.T.A. to play baseball.  We had a chance to catch a home game the other night, sit with his parents and Kelly and remember the old days of Belton High.  Seeing Blake and Kelly again was really great.  We wish them the very best in their future together.  Blake and Anna Jo will both be apart of their wedding this summer and we are looking forward to seeing how that goes.  Should be interesting.


Kelly Sessions said... first of all your kids are adorable! Second, we missed you and your pretty wife at Kyle's b-day party...and 3rd why have you been holding out on me with the Handsom nice baseball guys...seriously set a girl up! haha hope all is well!

Ed in Abilene said...

Hey, Coach. I found you again.:) Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your insights into life. A lot of blogs I read - not many - tend to be pretty negative, but I'm always blessed by yours. Byron, you are good at what you do and are still a great husband and dad. I'm proud of ya. God bless the Bundy's. ICB!