Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 A

So that Fruit of the Spirit thing that sounded so pious and righteous has not happened yet. Sunday night we discussed it as a couple, Monday night beat us up, Tuesday night I had a soccer game and now we are, the kids are in bed and we have no fruit. Beat down.

I would like to talk about how much cool stuff the kids have and how I am trying to decide where to draw the line and how to keep them grounded. Blake got two cool Air Nerf guns for Christmas along with a Rip Stick and a remote control Air Hog helicopter and to top it off a portable basketball goal for the house.

Anna got this stinking Baby Alive that you have to feed and then change it's stupid diapers. We have enough Pocket Pets to start a zoo and with her own camera and fake Ugg Boots she is ready for high school.

Do we need this stuff? No. Is it sooooo cool? Yes. And we do, believe it or not, limit what we give and have family give to our kids. So where is the line to be drawn and how to I teach my kids in this new age of stuff and electronics and computers, how to be confident in what is unseen, since "the things that are unseen are eternal."?

Any advice is welcome.

Also, I hate to proof read so if you get a typo, sorry.

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Allie B. said...

Yay I'm the first to comment! I still enjoy catching a few updates on your blog but I am living in Grapevine so hopefully I will see y'all at church at some point.

One thing our family has started to do is make donations to organizations in honor of others. To a child that might not be exciting but some organizations send pictures of the children you help and so on. Just an idea.