Monday, January 10, 2011


I am amazed at how God placed the church; something so fragile yet so powerful in the hands of humans. It is so very amazing to me.

The Hills Church here in Ft. Worth where we attend is doing some amazing things. I am so very pleased to be here and have the chance to worship, grow and work here. It has been a struggle and the opportunity to take an active role has been often difficult for me (not so much for Shar), but I continue and still feel blessed and directed by God in the fact that we are here. And at the same time I feel sure that where we have landed is not a perfect place. Being new, and the church being so large, I am unaware of those at this time but I am sure they exist.

At the same time, my childhood church is dealing with the failures of humanity and struggling to hang on to it's identity and still reach out to a changing world that continues to need Jesus. It pains me to watch my parents and family (Donielle and Kenny) struggle and work through church issues that seem somewhat clear from the outside, yet are so cloudy and complex when you are surrounded by them.

In all of this activity my brother in law is turning out like his father, who would be in line for Sainthood if it was a common practice. Kenny has allowed the scriptures to guide his thoughts and actions and attitude and is a great example to the body there in Escondido and continues to be a clear example of a Godly man, husband and father to me.

Without reenacting the entire event in California, I would like to pose a few questions about church. Your opinions would be very interesting to me.

Q. What is the role of an Elder in (a.) Church's of Christ and (b.) in Christianity?

Q. At what point does their authority get to be questioned or challenged by the body they serve?

Q. Are Elders (a.) CEO's or (b.) Shepherd's or (c.) both?

Q. Does the size of the church dictate the actions or responsibility of the Elders?

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Lynn said...

I’ve been an elder in a small church and a larger church, the role is the same. It’s always more desirable to be a shepherd than a ceo , but business type decisions have to be made. I’ve never minded being questioned about any decision that I’ve been a part of. If the eldership has prayfully considered the question and listened to God’s direction, it’s not really the elders decision? I have been a part of decisions that seemed not to be the most correct and I’ve always been amazed at how God blesses the good decisions and works with those that are not so good. Love you Brother. Lynn B.